For the Love of Animals

Visit/Volunteer at Sanctuaries
Danzig’s Roost (Bennett, CO – farmed animals, mainly roosters and other birds; run by vegans)
Kindness Ranch (Hartville, WY – former research subjects)
Peaceful Prairie (farmed animals; run by vegans)
The Wild Animal Sanctuary (Keenesburg, CO – large carnivores)
W.O.L.F. (near Fort Collins, CO – wolves)

Out of town? Find a farmed animal sanctuary near you!

Adopt Dogs and Cats
Adopt a Pet (website)
All Aboard Rescue (Fort Collins and Denver, CO)
Foothills Animal Shelter (Golden, CO)
Homecomings Dog Rescue (Denver, CO)
MaxFund Animal Adoption Center (Denver, CO)
Misha May Foundation (Lakewood, CO – rescue and dog training, with free classes for foster dogs and parents)
National Mill Dog Rescue (near Colorado Springs, CO)
PawsCo (Denver, CO)
Petfinder (website)
Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue (Berthoud, CO)

Adopt Parrots
The Gabriel Foundation (Denver and Elizabeth, CO)

Advocacy Organizations
Alley Cat Allies 
Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter
No Kill Advocacy Center

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